Analog charisma, digital precision, vintage flavor, devoted craftsmanship

Why do you need a great mix?

Behind every great song is a great mix.
A great mix brings out the best in a song, it makes it sound great, it makes people want to listen to it again and again.

A great mix amplifies the emotional experience we get from listening to a song.
A great mix sounds good technically.
A great mix has sonic consistency and sounds great no matter where we play it.

If you want your song to sound great, you need to get a great mix. And we do great mixes!

What do we offer?

Our greatest ability is helping you deliver the emotional context of your music.
We will enhance your music, its mood and the emotions it inspires.
We craft with high-end vintage equipment and add personal touch and devotion.
Always at an affordable price.

What is the secret?

The way people perceive sound is very subtle and most people don’t actually appreciate the subtlety that goes on. They just like it or don’t like it. It’s very hard to describe that kind of emotional experience that comes from the quality of sound.

Fortunately, we are audio craftsmen and we know how to sculpt sound of the highest quality.
That’s why with us your song will have all it takes for a great mix:

BALANCE – The relative levels of the various instruments

FIX – Make sure there’s nothing that sounds bad

ENHANCE – Bringing the best out of the individual instruments

SHAPE – Making the instruments fit together

SPACE – Creating depth and dimension in the mix

Focus on creating great music, we’ll take care of the great mix.

How does it work ?

  • 1. Record and produce your song
  • 2. Upload the individual tracks
  • 3. Let us do the magic
  • 4. Listen and revise if needed
  • 5. Receive high-resolution final mix