How to prepare your song for mixing and mastering.

Preparation guidelines.

  1. Bypass all technical effects like compression, limiting and EQ.
  2. Keep all creative effects like guitar amps, heavy filters, delays and huge reverbs. Those are an integral part of the sound and it is hard to remake their vibe on our side.
  3. Bypass all effects on the master channel.
  4. Render individual tracks as WAV or AIF files (with no limiting/compression on the master).
  5. Make sure every individual track is rendered from the start of the session, even if there is blank space.
  6. For best results render your KICK and SNARE as two separate tracks.
  7. Name each track meaningful ( like 1.Kick ; 2.Snare ; 3.Bass ).
  8. Archive all rendered files as a single ZIP or RAR file.
  9. 9. Upload it to us by your most preferred method.