console :
vintage TASCAM M-320 analog mixing console
w/ Burr-Brown modification

monitoring :
ADAM A7X monitor speakers
beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO headphones

audio converter :
Lexicon I-O FW810s
w/ dbx® high-voltage preamps

outboard :
SPL Vitalizer MK2 analog enhancer
TC Finalizer Express mastering processor
w/ Burr-Brown DAC and ADC
ART Pro-VLA II analog opto-tube compressor
w/ JJ tube modification
dbx 166XL analog VCA compressor
Lexicon MPX-500 hardware reverb
w/ legendary LexiChip

digital processing :
TDR Kotelnikov mastering compressor
Waves API 2500 compressor
Waves CLA-2A compressor
FabFilter Pro-L mastering limiter
FabFilter Pro-Q equalizer
BaxterEQ mastering equalizer
Lexicon Pantheon II reverb
Wizooverb W2 HDIR reverb
ValhallaRoom algorithmic reverb
FerricTDS tape simulator
ThrillseekerXTC exciter
AmpliTube Custom Shop virtual guitar rig
Klanghelm MJUC jr. variable-tube compressor
Ozone 8 Elements mastering suite


acoustic treatment :
5x handcrafted 150kg/m³ bass traps
12x handcrafted 80kg/m³ acoustic panels
IsoAcoustics decoupling speaker stands

workstation :
HP Z600 (2x Intel Xeon, 16 hyper-threaded cores, 24 GB RAM)

cabling :
handcrafted SCHULZ-KABEL Germany

misc. gear :
Kawai K4 Digital Synthesizer
Akai MPC1000 sampling production station w/ JJ OS2XL
2x Technics SL-1210mk5 turntables
Akai S2800 classic digital sampler
Studio Projects VTB1 tube preamp (heavily modified)

All units are serviced regularly, using high-end electronic components, chemicals and tools.

photo gallery:

  • Analog metering bridge
  • TASCAM M-320 mixing console
  • Full rack - front view
  • True analog RMS metering
  • Japanese high-quality pot
  • Dusty filter
  • Vintage mixing console goodness
  • TASCAM M-320 fader close-up
  • Meter bridge at dusk 2
  • Analog tape returns
  • Mixing console routing
  • TASCAM channel strips
  • 100mm faders
  • Solo engaged
  • Filters & meter bridge
  • Lexicon lush reverb
  • Legendary Lexicon lushness
  • High-voltage preamps
  • Phantom power
  • Handmade XLR cables
  • High-quality handcrafted Schulz-Kabel cabling