BRA VLA-FET Review thumbnail

Black Rooster Audio VLA-FET - The Best 1176 Plugin Emulation

The compressor sounds more than beautiful. There is no sign of digital harshness, actually, quite the opposite - you will be nicely surprised by the charming character and creamy saturation.

Mixing in Stereo thumbnail

The Basics of Mixing in Stereo – Adding Width and Depth

The goal of stereo mixing is to create an illusion which should be compliant with how the human brain perceives sound and replicate what a person hears.

Audio Data Compression thumbnail

Audio Data Compression and File Formats

There is a considerable change in the way we listen to music over the past several years. The physical music format era is coming to an end.

Studio Monitor Placement thumbnail

An Overview of Studio Monitor Placement

It is quite common in audio mixing and recording that the smallest seemingly insignificant details can have a significant impact on the final sound.

Microphone Preamps thumbnail

What Is a Microphone Preamplifier and Why It Is Important?

Playing a crucial part in the creation of quality sound makes the preamplifier essential for producing a good final audio recording.

Acoustics and Soundproofing thumbnail

Acoustics and Soundproofing Basics

The regular home studio hardly ever addresses acoustic issues adequately as more often than not it is just a spare bedroom, garage, basement or loft.

Audio Phase Issues thumbnail

Identifying and Fixing Audio Phase Issues In Your Recordings and Mixes

If your mix has ever sounded a bit off but you couldn’t quite place why you probably had experienced phase cancellation. Let's demistify this phenomenon.

Best Power Conditioners thumbnail

The Best Power Conditioners for Audio by Furman

The quality of the electricity which is fed to any audio equipment is tightly related to the performance level the equipment will provide. This article will compare the best power conditioners produced by Furman.